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Stormwater Protection

Population growth and suburban sprawl has resulted in an increase in the amount of impervious surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and streets.  These impervious surfaces prevent storm water run-off from naturally soaking into the ground.

As the run-off travels over these impervious surfaces it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants. Eventually the run-off flows into storm sewer systems or directly into waterways.  If the water enters a storm sewer system it can either be discharged untreated into the waterways that provide us with drinking water and are used for recreational activities or it is sent to water treatment plants where it is treated and processed like sewage.  The additional water in the treatment system results in increased cost for treating increased amounts of water.

The direct costs (drinking water treatment costs) and indirect costs (adverse effects on ecosystems and increased risks of floods from high levels of sediments) are a major burden to affected communities.

Our bio-retention solutions use the power of nature to reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with rain water run-off.  Our compost based solutions filter, retain and infiltrate storm water runoff from developed sites.  Compost, soil, plants, and microbes are all very effective at removing pollutants.  Our products and systems are a cost effective and aesthetically attractive method to reduce and treat run-off.

We also offer inlet protection products that guard storm sewers from polluted run-off.